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Recognizing the dire need for genuine insights from seasoned traders and investors, Michael envisioned this unparalleled platform to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of finance.

Airing every Friday at 4:15 pm on the prestigious Ticker News channel, "The KOSEC Show" captivates a global audience of over 2 million viewers. Immerse yourself in the pulsating realm of the markets through the show’s comprehensive program, offering a meticulous preview of the upcoming week.
Uncover the intricacies of macroeconomic events, decipher currency trends, explore invaluable insights on commodities, and unearth top-performing ASX stocks. Engage in an exclusive Q&A session tailored to our discerning viewers and gain privileged access to illuminating interviews with ASX company CEOs, delivering unparalleled industry insights.

Guided by the expertise of Michael and the KOSEC team, each episode delves into macroeconomic events, spotlights top performers from the ASX, and conducts meticulous analyses of currencies and commodities. Furthermore, the panel unveils expert stock picks for the upcoming week, equipping viewers with actionable investment opportunities.

Eager to engage with our audience,  viewers are invited to submit their video questions for a chance to be featured in the next episode. As a token of appreciation, participants will receive a complimentary copy of Michael’s Book, ‘Stock Market Success,’ or the ‘KODARI Investment & Lifestyle Magazine,’ enriching their financial acumen.

Stay informed, engaged, and empowered in the dynamic world of finance with "The KOSEC Show," a revolutionary initiative by Michael Kodari. Tune in each week for an enlightening journey into the beating heart of the market.

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The KOSEC Show - Michael Kodari's 12 most revolutionary episodes
The KOSEC Show
The KOSEC Show - Michael Kodari's 12 most revolutionary episodes
The KOSEC Show - Michael Kodari's 12 most revolutionary episodes

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