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International Recognition

A journey of global recognition

In an extraordinary journey of global recognition, Michael Kodari stands as a beacon of excellence, honored by the Chinese government as the distinguished guest at the illustrious "Inside China's Future" event.

In 2016, KOSEC, the financial institution Michael founded, experienced a remarkable turn as the Chinese government extended a prestigious invitation, recognizing the firm as the epitome of Australian Wealth Management.
This pivotal moment not only celebrated Michael's unparalleled achievements but also resulted in a profound honor - the key to the city of Hangzhou, bestowed upon him by esteemed ministers as a symbol of trust and distinction.
Moreover, Michael's role as an offshore asset allocation advisor for the Chinese government further solidified the impact of his innovative strategies and unparalleled track record.

During his momentous visit to Hangzhou, Michael engaged with a spectrum of influential government officials, including luminaries such as Zhu Lin, Director of Hangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce; Yuan Weimin, Vice Director Commerce Bureau of Shangcheng Hangzhou; Yu Weiying, Vice Director of the Financial Office of The People’s Government of Hangzhou; Tong Guili, esteemed member of the standing committee of Hangzhou; and Xu Yunhe, the esteemed Director of Hangzhou Financial Investment Group.

These interactions not only reaffirmed the far-reaching influence of Michael's expertise but also underscored the strategic importance of KOSEC's mission on the world stage.

Equally significant was Michael’s exclusive invitation to Parliament House in Canberra, where he shared an intimate dinner with the Australian Minister of Trade and Investment, the Honorable Andrew Robb. This privileged gathering not only highlighted Michael’s impact on world-wide trade dynamics but also fostered enriching discussions on Australia’s vital relationships, guided by the minister’s unwavering support.

The journey of international recognition continued with an invitation from the Director and Vice President of the Singaporean Stock Exchange in June 2017.

Michael’s participation in discussions on Singaporean investments and collaborative opportunities further propelled KOSEC‘s investment offerings onto the worldwide stage, culminating in meetings with some of Singapore’s most affluent families.

In March 2019, Michael’s role as a distinguished judge at the prestigious Shenzhen Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition showcased KOSEC’s unwavering commitment to pioneering excellence on a worldwide scale, sponsored by AUSTRAC and the Chinese government.

These extraordinary milestones underscore the enduring worldwide influence of KOSEC and Michael, as they continue to redefine financial landscapes and nurture enduring worldwide relationships with unparalleled dedication and vision.

Michael in 2019 was on the Expert panel at Parliament House, for the Australia – China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum, sponsored by Austrack and the Chinese government

Michael on the CNBC expert panel with Matt Sherwood, Head of Investment Market Research at Perpetual, Ross Benson, Chairman of Investorlink, Xu Yunhe, Hangzhou Financial Investment Group, Mark Laudi, ex Sydney Bureau Chief of CNBC Asia Pacific and Senior Vice-President of CNBC at the event, “Inside China’s Future”.

Officially welcoming Michael and offering the keys to the Hangzhou city to act as an advisor to the government offshore on asset allocation of over $8 billion a year.

Member of the government Mr. Lai Jian Bo with Mr. Zhou Guo Ru as they welcomed Michael to the city and offered any support necessary.

Chinese government officials invited Michael to the headquarters of Cisco Systems to meet with their directors, unveiling their latest technology and discussing potential new partnerships with the tech giant.

Minister of Trade &Investment, the honourable Andrew Robb.

Michael with the Singaporean Stock Exchange Director and Vice-President.

Far East Organization, Singapore’s largest private landlord and property developer, the Ng brothers are the richest family in Singapore.

Pontiac Land Group, a luxury real estate developer and hotel owner privately held by the Kwee family, the 7th richest family in Singapore.

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